About Us

We are local distributor of the scientific and healthcare products in Hong Kong & Macau since 2008. We serve over 500 clients in local universities, hospitals, governmental departments and commercial sectors.

We distribute the scientific products including lab instrument and consumable for teaching, research and development. Our field covers the life science, molecular biology, cell biology, biotechnology, biomedical sciences, environmental studies, etc.

In addition, we distribute the healthcare product in hospitals and clinics. The products consist of the bouffant clip cap, surgical face masks, gloves, surgical gowns and shoe cover.


Product Profile

a) Life Sciences & Molecular Biology

General instrument

1.Pipette, Pipette controller, Dispenser, pH meter, Dissolved oxygen meter, Precision and Analytical balances

2.Incubator, Shaking incubator, Orbital shakers, Water bath, Water circulators, Refrigerator, Freezer, and Environmental chambers

3.Portable Suction system, Thermo incubator, Mini fuge, Bio-prep system, Ultrasonic cleaner, Ultrasonic processor, Peristaltic pump, 3D Rotator, Fermentation system

4.UV Spectrophotometer, Amino acid Analyzer, Micro-plate reader and washer, cell screening, patch clamp system, microarray system, Micro Raman Identify system

5.Thermal Cycler, Hybridization oven, Dry bath, Gel documentation system, Blue light trans-illuminator, Gel electrophoresis system

6.CO2 incubator, Bench top centrifuge, Biosafety cabinet, Water purification system

7.Magnetic stirrer, hotplate, Homogenizer, Rotary Evaporator, decomposition system, Calorimeter

8.Suction pump, Colony counter, sterilizer, burner, plate diluter, lab blenders


Lab Consumable, Reagent and molecular kits

1) Tissue culture dishes, flasks, 4, 6,12,24, 48and 96 wells plates, PCR tubes, Petri dishes, culture dishes, confocal dishes, serological pipette, micro-centrifuge tubes, 15 and 50ml centrifuge tubes, pipette tips, cryovial, cryobox and specimen bottle

2) Restriction enzyme, DNA/RNA modifying enzyme, PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, molecular cloning, labelling and detection, DNA/RNA markers and transfection reagents

3) Plasmid, Genomic DNA purification kit, RNA extraction kit, Gel, PCR, Cleanup, Combo purification kit.

4) Recombinant proteins, monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, conjugate antibodies, ELISA kits, FISH probes, Stem cell, TR-FRET, cell isolation and retrieval system, protein expression system.

5) Microbiology reagents: SMS rapid test for salmonella detection, veterinary diagnostic: adiagene PCR kit / real time PCR for food pathology

6) Food Testing: ATP measuring system for hygiene monitoring, kits for microbial biomass assay, kit for rapid detection of total coliforms


b) Biomedical Sciences

1) Stereotaxic equipment, surgical instruments, ventilator, micromanipulators, pump & fluid flow equipment, treadmills, avoidance system, mazes and oximetry

2) Surgical instruments: Scissors, scalpels & blades, retractors, forceps & haemostats, suture, probes, microdrill and etc.

3) Anaesthesia equipment, animal handling and behaviour system, organ bath, Non-invasive blood pressure system (NIBP), micro injection, dialysis system, dispenser, infusion pumps, high pressure pumps, programmable pumps.

4) Friability tester, hardness tester, dissolution tester, disintegration tester, transdermal testing system

5) CO2 incubator, bench top centrifuge, biosafety cabinet, water purification system

6) Animal Imaging system, Gel and chemi imaging system

7) Surgical face-mask, surgical and isolation gown, medical gloves, surgical drape and bouffant clip cap


c) Biotechnology and Environmental Sciences

1) Orbital shaker, homogenizer, vortex, hot & stir plate, magnetic stirrers, incubated shaker, rotary evaporator, fermenter etc.

2) Anemometer, dissolved oxygen meter, humidity meter, pressure meter, sound meter, UV-light meter, Infrared Thermometer

3) Water analyzer, test kit for COD/ Nitrogen/ phosphorus/ heavy metal, Coli test and turbidmeter

4) Spectrophotometer, curvette – quartz UV, Field PAH kits

5) Fermentation System- pilot scale & SIP for mammalian, bacterial, plant cells and solid state application


Customer lists

We have 500 client accounts in Hong Kong and Macau including local universities, hospitals, governmental department and commercial sectors.

a) Local Universities & Institutes

The University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

City University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong Baptist University

Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

The Open University of Hong Kong

The University of Macau

Macau University of Science and Technology

Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology

Hong Kong Productivity Council


b) Local Hospitals

Queen Mary Hospital

Prince of Wales Hospital

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Princess Margaret Hospital

Kwong Wah Hospital

United Christian Hospital

Pamela Youth Nethersole Eastern Hospital

St.Teresa Hospital

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital


c) Government & Commercial sections

Department of Health

Food and Environmental Hygiene Department

Agriculture and Fisheries Department

Government Laboratory

Leisure and Culture Dept – Science Museum

Hong Kong Science Park

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